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Since 1962, Slosson has been helping teachers, educators, psychologists, and other professionals who need to evaluate/remediate individuals in schools, hospitals, and many other institutional settings. We offer products for parents/tutors in the home schooling market and foster parent/teacher PTA's IEP's goal acquisition.
Slosson believes that curriculum should match the optimal learning ability of students. The rate of learning is then easily monitored, ensuring proper adjustment. Thus our motto: "We should not expect a pint to hold a quart and we should demand that a quart give its full measure."
Even in the hospital or institutional setting, our goal is to foster rehabilitation and get the individual back up and running, where they can form healthy long lasting relationships. This takes talented and motivated educators checking the emotive as well as cognitive mental abilities. What is it that society desperately needs to make kids feel that they are being valued and honored; that will stick with them throughout their entire adult life? We feel that it is not a test score, but rather peer and adult guidance that fosters consciousness and interpersonal growth.
Want to reach out to the Slosson Team? Give us a call at 1-888-756-7766.