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WHY  do parents and teachers find Therapeutic Games instrumental in creating safer environments, thereby fostering optimal learning ?:  Games exemplify taking turns, having patience, fair play, i.e. promoting good sportsmanship. Games teach strategies to help  children work together and reason their way through challenging issues. Children learn to rely upon a support system of teachers, parents and peers when stressful situations present themselves, rather then trying to tackle insurmountable problems head-on, or worse, going it all alone. Games teach the art of team work, developing friendships, and are a fun way to improve mental and social skills.


A Day in the Life (FLS-6)

Angry Monster Machine, The (CWCP-11)

Anger Solution Game, The (CWCP-4)

Block the Bully Cycle (FLS-32)

Breaking the Chains of Anger (FLS-7)

Bully Busters (FLS-14)

Call me Capable (FLS-25)

Common Ground (FLS-8)

Conflict Resolution Game, The (CWCP-5)

Cool Caps and Games (CCG-1)

Don’t be Difficult Game (CWCP-2)

Escape From Anger Island Game (CWCP-25)

From Rage to Reason (FLS-10)

Helping, Sharing & Caring Game, The (CWCP-16)

In Control (Teaches self control) (CWCP-15)

Intelligent Anger (FLS-31)

Listening Counts (FLS-29)

Meeting of The Minds (FLS-4)

Phonics Game, The (PG-1)

Putting words to Work (FLS-9)

Stop Being so Mean Game (CWCP-14)

Talking Feeling & Doing Game (CWCP-17)

Talking Feeling & Doing Divorce Card Game(CWCP-22)

Talking, Feeling & Doing Shyness Card Game (CWCP-21)

Talking, Feeling & Doing Anger Card Game (CWCP-20)

You and Me: A Game of Social Skills (CWCP-1)

(PCI-LS-1) Behavior Game

(PCI-LS-2) Community Game

(PCI-LS-3) Information Game

(PCI-LS-4) Money and Time Game

(PCI-LS-5) Survival Signs Game

(PCI-LS-6) Safety Game

(PCI-LS-7) Health and Nutrition Game

(PCI-LS-8) Career Exploration Game

(PCI-LS-9) Shopping  and Cooking Game

(PCI-LS-10) Social Skills Game



 (FLS-14) Bully Busters


(FLS-25) Call me Capable


(FLS-29) Listening Counts


(FLS-32) Block The
Bully Cycle



(CWCP-1) You & Me


(CWCP-2) Dont be
Difficult Game




(CWCP-4) Anger Solution


(CWCP-5) Conflict


  (CWCP-7) Angry Monster


(CWCP-8) Stop Relax
and Think





 (CWCP-11) The Angry Monster


(CWCP-14) Stop being so Mean Game


(CWCP-15) IN Control; A game to teach SELF CONTROL Skills


(CWCP-16) The Helping Sharing & Caring Game





 (CWCP-17) Talking, Feeling, & Doing Game


(CWCP-20) Talking, Feeling & Doing Anger Card Game







(CWCP-21) Talking, Feeling & Doing Shyness Card Game


 (CWCP-22) Talking, Feeling & Doing Teasing Card Game






  (CWCP-19) Talking, Feeling  Doing Good, Behavior
Card Game


(CWCP-8) Stop
Relax and Think







(pci-ls-1) Behavior Game


 (PCI-LS-2) Community Game







 (PCI-LS-3)  Basic Information


Money & Time







 (PCI-LS-5) Survival Signs Game


 (PCI-LS-6) Safety Game




 (PC-LS-9) Shopping
and Cooking Game

  (PCI-LS-8) Career Exploration



(PCI-7) Health and Nutrition

  (PCI-LS-10) Social Skills