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Main Category : R / (RITLS) Rhode Island Test of Language Structure Kit

(RITLS-1)Rhode Island Test language Structure
Price: $171.00
The RITLS provides a measure of English language development and assessment data. It has sufficient depth and range to allow for educational planning. It is designed primarily for use with children who are hearing impaired but also is useful in other areas where level of language development is of concern, including mental retardation, learning disability, and bilingual programs. The RITLS focuses on syntax, unlike other tests that test morphology.

RITLS-1 RITLS Complete

(RITLS-2) Manual
Price: $63.00

(RITLS-3) Test Booklet
Price: $81.00

(RITLS-4) Scoring Forms-RespSheets10 Anlysis Frms 10
Price: $37.00

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