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This page is the Slosson Educational Publications Sole Source Product
List. Additional Sixteen New Products are forthcoming immediately
following the completion of field testing


(ABC) Aberrant Behavior Checklist

(ALDA) Analytic Learning Disability    Assessment

(ATFR) Arlin  Test of Formal Reasoning

(ASFYS) Articulation Stories for Younger Students 

(ASFOS) Articulation Stories for Older Students 

(ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

(BB) The Bees & the Bears

(BRC-I - BRC-V) Breaking the Reading Code Children, Problems & Guidelines

(CEI) Children’s Early Intervention for Speech-Language-Reading

(CEP) Conduct Problem/Emotional Problem Interventions

(CVFES)   Children’s Version of the Family Environment Scale

(CTVF) Comprehensive Test of Visual Functioning

(CCG) Cool Caps & Games 

(IVSFOS) Irregular Verb Stories for Older Students

(KRT-L) Kindergarten Readiness Test Larson-Spanish Bilingual

(LESFYS) Language Experience Stories for Your Students

(DST) Complete Battery; Diagnostic Screening Test :
     Achievement (DSTA)
      Language (DSTL)
      Math (DSTM)
      Reading (DSTR)
      Spelling (DSTS)

(D-2) Diamonds in the Rough

(DT/CEP) Differential Test of Conduct & Emotional Problems  

(DBRS)Disruptive Behavior Rating Scale 

(EQS) Early Question Skills

(EASY-OT) Educational Assessment of
 School Youth for Occupational Therapists

(E=MC2) Einstein Evaluation of School Related Skills

(ESS) Related Skills Essential Skills Screener

(FA) Fundamentals of Autism

(GOB) Get On Board  

(Language Experience Stories for Your Students (LESFYS)

(S-1) Help for the Learning Disabled Child  

(O-MMATS) Oral-Motor Myofunctional Approach to Speech

(P-1) Phonemes & Processes

(PA) Profile Analysis of the SIT-R3

(QC) Question Cognition

(RSSLP) Resource for the School Based Speech Language  Pathologist  

(SIT) Slosson Intelligence Test  

(SSLP) Say & Sign Language Program

(S3) School Social Skills

(GAB) Schubert General Ability Battery

(SKOLD ) Screening Kit of Language Development

(SALT-P) Slosson Articulation, Language Test with Phonology

(SAPSS) Slosson Auditory Perceptual Skill Screener

(S-FRIT) Slosson Full-Range Intelligence Test Slosson Intelligence  Test

(SIT-P) Slosson Intelligence Test-Primary

(SIT-4) Slosson Intelligence Test-Revised  

(SIT-R3-1P) Slosson Intelligence Test-Revised Combo

(SORT-R3) Slosson Oral Reading Test-Revised

(SP-SAT) Slosson Phonics and Structural Analysis Test

(STRR) Slosson Test of Reading Readiness

(SVMPT) Slosson Visual-Motor Performance Test

(SVPSS) Slosson Visual-Perceptual Skill Screener

(SWET) Slosson Written Expression Test

(S-DMS) Slosson-Diagnostic Math Screener

(SLICK) Strategies for Learning in the Classroom for Kids

(STSS-R) Stuttering Therapy Step-by-Step-Revised    

(TOSF) Test of Oral Structures and Functions

(V)  Vocabulary As You Need It

(VABR) Vulpe Assessment Battery-Revised






 Slosson Oral Reading Test Revised

    Educational Assessment of School Youth for Occupational Therapists


 Slosson Visual-Motor Performance Test




Slosson Intelligence Test Revised 4th Ed
    (SIT-R4 )



Slosson Intelligence Test-Revised-Combo Kit



Aberrant Behavior
Checklist - 2nd Edition


Kindergarten Readiness Test Kit
       Kindergarten Readiness Test-Larson English
Kindergarten  Readiness  Test    Bilingual
  Complete Set-Diagnostic
Screening Test Battery
    Slosson Full-Range Intelligence Test


Differential Test of Conduct and Emotional Problems

  Language Experience
Stories for Your Students


    Diamonds in The Rough


Slosson Diagnostic Math Screener

  Disruptive Behavior Rating Scale

Early Question Skills


Strategies for Learning in the Classroom for Kids. Interact with pages with manipulatives to build attention span, and enhance cognition

Einstein Evaluation of School Related Skills: Visual Motor, Letter Recognition, Reading, Math & More Pre-K- 5th grade

  Essential Skills Screener
Reading, Writing, Math
Pre-K- Upper Elementar

    Fundamentals of Autism

  GOB     Oral-Motor Myofunctional Approach to Speech

  Question Cognition
Semantic Knowledge AND Syntactic Complexity

  Say and Sign Language


    School Social Skills;
Identifies  Standards Social Strengths and Deficits


Slosson Phoniccs & Structural Analysis Test
Phonics, and Structural Analysis Clusters