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Slosson educational tests and assessments for teachers, educators and other professionals, in schools, hospitals, and corrections.  Used to test students in regular and special education, remedial reading and math, intelligence, visual motor, speech language for school screening and forms for teachers to evaluation students' mental abilities.

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(BELT-3) Bankson Expressive Language Test - 3rd Edition

(BDAE-3) Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination–Third Edition
This spectrum of tools helps you identify and distinguish among disorders of language function and neurologically recognized aphasic syndromes. The short form is perfect when you want rapid access to diagnostic classification and quantitative assessment. The short form takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

(BR) Basic Reading Series
The Basic Reading Series addresses essential, basic reading comprehension skills. Each of the three books in the series features over 100 activities that utilize multiple instructional modalities, making the program effective for students with different learning styles.

All three books include topics and activities that are appropriate for middle and high school students struggling with reading:

Basic Reading Series 1 (approximate reading level 1.0-2.0) introduces and simplifies ten basic reading skills.
Basic Reading Series 2 (approximate reading level 2.0-2.5) builds on and reinforces skills introduced in Book 1.
Basic Reading Series 3 has a reading level of approximately 3.0. Higher-level thinking and reading skills are addressed but not taught as individual skills.

(BRC) Breaking the Reading Code I, II, III, IV, V, NEW SERIES: Consonant Rules, Vowel Rules, Antonym Pairs, Gr: 2-6; Problem Solving Stories, ages 8-16; Time Lines, ages 8-16. An excellent way to discover the power of language.
These series are in accordance with language skills essential for a life time of communication, persuative writing skills, and pragmatics, just to mention a few relevant techniques of language. Start Early and it becomes a way of communicating. Excellent for home schooling, tutoring. Prepare now for the future.

(BB-1) The Bees and the Bears. May be used with ESOL students, cochlear implant clients, the hearing Impaired, including the profoundly hearing impaired and delayed.or disordered language clients

(BRIEF2) Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function 2nd Ed

(BBRS-2) Burks' Behavior Rating Scales. Includes 100 items, each describing behavior infrequently observed in nonreferred children.

(BTAIS-2) Birth to Three Assessment & Intervention System 2nd Edition.
The Birth to Three Assessment and Intervention System-Second Edition (BTAIS-2) is now completely revised and updated to provide examiners with an integrated, three-component system for screening, assessing, and intervening with children age birth to 3

(BEERY- VMI-5) Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration.
Adult Norms: The U.S. population is aging, and thus has created the need for better identification of possible neurological problems.

(BERS-2) Behavioral & Emotional Rating Scale. A measure of competence, and personal strength of children 5 - 18.11 years. Used in health clinics, juvenile justice settings, and child welfare agencies

(BOEHM-3) Boehm Test of Basic Concepts For PreSchool 3 years - 5.11yrs) Measures basic relational concepts ie:Size, Direction, Position, Time, Quantity, Classification

(PDDBI) Behavior Inventory Complete Kit for children with pervasive developmental disorder

(BG-II) Bender Visual - Motor Gestalt Test. (Bender - Gestalt-II)

(PE-4) Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism

(AT-23-1) Beyond Retention: A Survival Guide for Regular Classroom Teachers

(BVS) Basic Vocabulary Series Binder 1 reading level (2.5 - 3.5) & Intrest Level (2 - 10)

(WPS-15) Baby Smarts, by Alison Lewis and Fae Rubenstein. Ages 12-16

(FLS-14) Bully Busters
Price: $49.95
Bully Busters™

(FLS-13) Bullies to Buddies?
Price: $49.95
Bullies to Buddies™

(FLS-32) Block the Bully Cycle
Price: $49.95

(FLS-7) Breaking the Chains of Anger
Price: $49.95

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