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Slosson educational tests and assessments for teachers, educators and other professionals, in schools, hospitals, and corrections.  Used to test students in regular and special education, remedial reading and math, intelligence, visual motor, speech language for school screening and forms for teachers to evaluation students' mental abilities.

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(PH) Piers-Harris Self-Concept Scale 3rd Edition

(PAT-2NU) Phonological Awareness Test: Normative Update - 2nd Edition
The PAT 2 is a comprehensive assessment of children's phonological awareness, phoneme-grapheme correspondences, and phonetic decoding skills.

(PE-1821) Spotlight on Reading Comprehension: 6-Book Set
Teach the reading comprehension skills good readers use! Students become purposeful, active readers as they develop six research-based reading comprehension skills.

(PSI-4) Parenting Stress Index - Fourth Edition
Designed to evaluate the magnitude of stress in the parent–child system, the fourth edition of the popular PSI is a 120-item inventory that focuses on three major domains of stress: child characteristics, parent characteristics, and situational/demographic life stress.

(PPA) Phonological and Print Awareness Scale

(PAD) Peabody Articulation Decks. Help Syudens address speech, language, and hearing problems
Help Students Address Speech,Language & Hearing Problems

(PDMS-2) Peabody Development Motor Scales 2nd Ed.

( P-1) P&P Phonemes and Processes Kits. Designed especially for children and adolescents with phonological disorders - functional articulation impediment.: Final Consonant Deletion, Cluster Reduction, Stridency Deletion, Fronting
Resource Bk/ Manual, Stimulus Cards, Data Sheets, Probe Sheets

(PAL) Photo Articulation Library Set-I, Set-II, SET-III
Collection of 1085 real life photos

(PAP) Phonological Awareness Profile Kit.
NEW! 5-8yrs. Pinpoint Difficulties in Pre Reading and Writing Skills

(PASP) Phonological Awareness Skills Program Kit
Instrument Record Forms

(PBCL) Pre-School Behavior Checklist
Manual, Forms, Scoring Acetate & Dev. Activities

(PEP-3) Psychoeducational Profile 3rd Ed. An excellent revised instrument used for the past 20 years. The only test to date that provides data for within group comparison to children in the autism spectrum.

(PG) Phonics Game.
Six Double Decks, used to teach 44 phonics Sounds the Fun Way. Students really love to play while they are actually learning 'all about PHONICS'

(PATR-2-) Phonological Awareness Training for Reading 2nd.Ed.

(PTI) Pictorial Test of Intelligence

(PTK-1A) Portable Therapy Kit

(TOPA-2+-) Test of Phonological Awareness 2nd Ed:Plus
Children 5-10yrs:Rhyming,Incomplete Sequencing, Sound Delition NEW

(W-37) Phonological Screening Assessment

(PAT-3) Photo Articulation Test
Manual, Book, Card Deck & S/R Forms

(PKBS-2) Pre-school & Kindergarten Behavior Scales
76 Items,Intergrated ?Functl Soc/scl&Probl Behav,Ext/Int

(PLAI-2) Preschool Language Assessment Instrument. Second Edition.

(TOPAS) Test of Phonological Awarenss Skills Kit

(PE-121) Practical Ideas that Really Work for Students with Asperger Syndrome

(PE-115) Practical Ideas that Really Work for Students with Disruptive, Defiant or Difficult Behaviors (Pk - Grade 4) or (PE-118) Grade 5 - Grade 12

(PE-37) Phonological Awareness Bingo

(PE-35) Phonological Awareness Game

Practical Ideas that Really Work with Autism special disorders 2ND ED.

(PG-1) The Phonics Game

(AT28) Phonograms for the Fun Of It

(PLOS) Pragmatic Language Observation Scale Kit

(PTAP) Practical Test of Articulation and Phonology NEW

(PAS-2) Phonological Awareness and Sequencing Stories 2nd Ed; Set of 8 Books

(PAK) The Phonological Awareness Kit - Primary and Intermediate
Use a success-oriented program to build requisite reading skills in rhyming, segmenting, and sound placement and blending.

This well-established program links phonological awareness instruction with phonetically-controlled reading and spelling activities to build success and carryover. The activities and manipulatives can be used with individuals, small groups, or an entire classroom.

(PAT-2) Phonological Awareness 2

(PCI-LS) Ten Games of Various Life Skill Series for Today's World Games
You select the GAME: game Behavior Game; Community Game; Basic Information Game, Money & Time Game; Survival Game; Safety Game; Health & Nutrition Game;Career Exploration Game; Shopping & Cooking Game; Social Skills Game

(PE-877) Assessment and treatment of Speech Sound Disorders in Children, 3E

(FLS-28) The Power of Listening (5 yrs to 8 yrs)
Price: $49.95

(FLS-9) Putting Words to Work (Grade 8-Adult)
Price: $49.95
Putting Words to Work

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