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(BNCE) Brief Neuropsychological Cognitive Examination NEW. An Excellent Examination to uncover cognitive abnormalities

(NEAT) Norris Educational Achievement Test Kit. Provides Grade and Age Norms
2 Manuals & Test Booklet Forms A & B

(NEXT S.T.E.P.) 2ND ED. Student Transition and Educational Planning

(NDRT) Nelson-Denny Reading Test
To assess student achievement and progress in vocabulary, comprehension, and reading rate.

(GP-16) New Look at ADHD:Inhibition, Time, & Self Control. (Excellent)
Price: $84.15
Dr. Russell A. Barkley demonstrates the need for a new theory of ADHD, proposing it is fundamentally a disorder of self-regulation, not attention. Viewers will see how this new theory better accounts for such symptoms as impulsive behavior, problems with managing time effectively, emotional volatility, and lack of planning and foresight in those with ADHD.


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