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(L3-1 Leiter ) Leiter International Performance Scale 3rd.Ed. Complete Kit

(LRS5) Lights Retention Scale 5th Ed NEW

(ASLP) Annual Speech Language Planner. This is a real MUST to have and to use, per diem entries. appointments, future appointments and follow up(s)

(LCT2) Listening Comprehension Test 2

(LPT3) Language Processing Test-Elementary

(JW-13) Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook

(LAC-3) Lindamood-Bell Auditory Conceptualization Test 3Rd.Ed. Multisyllables:Tracking, Counting, Phonemes, Audio CD. Punctuation and administration of tests items. Normative Date, Standard Scores, Percentile Ranks, Age, Grade Equivalents provided.

(LIPS-4) Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program 4th Edition; or Reading, Spelling and Speech

(LDDI) Learning Disability Diagnostic Inventory Complete. Identifies: Learning Disability in listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematics and reasoning.
Manual & Rating Summary Booklets

(LESFYS) Language Experience Stories for your students

(LLRK) Language Literacy Resource Kit. Title Chapter1 and Preschool-Elementary Programs Resource Materials Appropriate for multicultural, "at risk", developmentally delayed children.
Manual, Resource/Storybooks, Puppets & Stickers

(LRS-2006) Light's Retention Scale
Manual, Recording Forms & Parent Guides

(LVP) Library of Vocabulary Photographs provides all the visual material needed to build reading, vocabulary, teach categorizations, and to develop language and speech skills.

(SPELT-P-2) Structured Photographic Expressive Language Test PRESCHOOL 3yrs - 5.11yrs

(TECEL) Test of Early Communication & Emerging Language Kit NEW

(TLI) The Listening Inventory. First step to see if a child might need evaluation for auditory evaluation
Six Areas assessed

(PH) Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Library

(AT-25) The Listen and Learn Connection

(LAT) LinguiSystems Articulation Test

(LCTA) The Listening Comprehension Test Adolescent

(PCI-LS) Life Skills for Todays World Games

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