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Main Category : S / (S-FRIT) Slosson Full-Range Intelligence Test. Excellent. Brief, Reliable, Individual Screen of Verbal/Non-verbal Intelligence, 20 Construct Validity Information Supplement to Wisc-III, K-ABC, Stanford- Binet lV, Harting Cognitive Progress.
(S-FRIT-1) Slosson Full-Range Intelligence Test Kit

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Slosson Full-Range Intelligence Test (S-FRIT)
Bob Algozzine / Ronald C. Eaves / Lester Mann / H. Robert Vance / Edited By: Steven W. Slosson
▶ Ages: 5 years through Adult
▶ IQ Range: 35 – 164
▶ Individual Administration: 25 - 45 min

The Slosson Full-Range Intelligence Test is a reliable, individual screen that gives a balanced measure of Verbal/ Performance/Memory cognitive assessments. It differentially screens Nonverbal from Verbal abilities even when language skills are limited. The S-FRIT gives a quicker assessment and provides more information than any other brief intelligence test on the market.
All the S-FRIT items are arranged according to levels of difficulty. The examiner simply presents items at suggested starting points by chronological age. When the examinee fails 8 items in a row, testing is completed and the examiner very quickly gets a picture of the individual’s mental abilities in the following areas: Verbal Skills/ Quantitative/Recall Memory/Abstract Performance Reasoning.
The Brief Score Form has a unique color coding system, which tabulates Standard Scores in seconds. It also separates the index items and the Full-Range Intelligence Quotient. The examiner can also test for the Best Global Index using specific questions which correlate highest with the S-FRIT total score. The Rapid Cognitive Index may be given, using half the test items, to determine Verbal, Abstract, Quantitative, or Memory subdomains in approximately 15 minutes.
The S-FRIT is intended to supplement the use of more extensive cognitive assessment instruments, such as the WISC-III, K-ABC, and the Stanford-Binet IV, to facilitate screening in charting cognitive progress. The S-FRIT can be administered by regular or special education teachers, psychologists, counselors, or other personnel who have taken basic courses in statistics and/or tests and measurements.

Complete List of Construct Validity for the S-FRIT:
• Crystallized Intelligence • Quantitative • Recall Information • Fluid Intelligence
• Verbal Skills • Counting • Auditory Memory • Proverbs
• Vocabulary • Sets • Sentence Repetition • Geometric Patterns
• Similarities/Differences • Divisions • Digits Forwards • Figure Analogies
• Comprehension • Correlations • Digits Backwards • Figure Relationships
• Analogies • Equations • Visual Memory • Missing Elements
• General Information • Probability • Reverse Spelling • Abstract Elements
• Absurdities • Series • Shapes Backwards • Matrices and Mazes
• Nonverbal Performance • Multiplicity • Words Backwords • Visual Closure

Standardized on a representative sample of 1,500 individuals across 37 states, Internal Consistency Reliability for median values range from .96 to .98, mean=100, and a standard deviation=16. Standard error of measurement at age 10 is 2.77. The criterion validity studies indicate a correlation between the Full Scale WISC-R IQ and the Full Range S-FRIT IQ to be .89

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