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Main Category : S / (SP) STAR Program. Teach Children with Autism. Detailed Lesson Plans, Teaching Materiials, Documentation, Assessment. Research Levels: I, II, III.

(SP-1) The Star Program (SP) Level 1 Complete
Price: $314.00

(SP-2) The Star Program (SP) Level II Complete
Price: $345.00
Level II

STAR Program, Level II, Complete Kit (11240)

Strategies for Teaching Based on Autism Research

Use this comprehensive program to teach children with autism the critical skills identified by the 2001 National Research Council. The STAR program includes detailed lesson plans, teaching materials, documentation, and ongoing assessment. Students with autism and other developmental disabilities systematically master receptive language, expressive language, spontaneous language, functional routines, pre-academic and academic skills, social interaction, and play skills.

Level II Complete Kit

Select this level if your student often follows some simple commands, but has difficulty with 2-step commands or more complex requests. Additionally, if your student uses only one word (or picture) to request desires, understands only simple nouns, plays only in isolation, and follows simple routines this level would be appropriate.

(SP-3) The Star Program (SP) Level III
Price: $345.00

(SP-4) The Star Program ( SP) Levels: I, II, & III, Combination Kit
Price: $902.00

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