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Slosson educational tests and assessments for teachers, educators and other professionals, in schools, hospitals, and corrections.  Used to test students in regular and special education, remedial reading and math, intelligence, visual motor, speech language for school screening and forms for teachers to evaluation students' mental abilities.

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Main Category : D / (DIAL-3) Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning
(DIAL-3-1) Developmental Indicators for Assesment of learng
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The DIAL-3, like DIAL-R, provides scores for Motor, Concepts, Language, totals an overall composite, and indicates behavioral observation cutoffs. The DIAL-3 also provides standardized scores for Self-Help and Social Development, assessed by a Parent Questionnaire.

Motor Area: Gross Motor items include catching, jumping, hopping, and skipping. Fine Motor items include building with blocks, cutting, copying shapes and letters, and writing, and the popular finger-touching task from the DIAL-R.
Language Area: Items include answering simple personal questions (name, age, sex), articulation, naming (expressive) or identifying (receptive) objects and actions, plus phonemic awareness tasks such as rhyming and I Spy.
Concepts Area: Items include pointing to named body parts, naming or identifying colors, rote counting, counting blocks, placing a block in named positions relative to a little house, identifying concepts in a triad of pictures, and sorting shapes. The DIAL-3 includes an item that assesses automatic naming of colors. This skill has been shown to be associated with potential learning disabilities.
Self-Help Development: Looks at the child's development of personal care skills related to dressing, eating, and grooming.
Social Development: Looks at the child's development of social skills with other children and parents, including rule compliance, sharing, self-control, and empathy.

Manual and four easy-to-follow Operator's Handbooks: Language, Concepts, Motor, and Speed DIAL. Includes both English and Spanish.
Lightweight, one-piece dials, separate zippered bags for the area materials, and an easy-to-carry bag.
Training materials are included. An optional training video also is available.
Parent Questionnaire provides valuable information about the child's health history, background, and self-help and social development.
An optional Parent-Child Activity Form suggests general activities parents can use to enhance their child's development in motor, concepts, and language skills.
English and Spanish materials included in one kit

DIAL-3 includes both English and Spanish materials to make it easy to evaluate Spanish-speaking children. Now you have the option of using Spanish to train operators, gather information from parents and children, and report results.

Speed DIAL-Available Separately!
Save even more time with a shortened version of DIAL-3. Speed DIAL consists of 10 items from the 3 childhood areas [Motor, Language & Concepts] in DIAL-3. It takes only 15 minutes to administer and yields one total score. This score's solid reliability and its high correlation with the DIAL-3 Total score enable the site to determine whether the child requires further assessment. Speed DIAL is appropriate for quick screening in smaller settings such as departments of public health, pediatric offices, health fairs, homes, and classrooms.

Report to Parents
The Report to Parents is one of the options on the ASSIST™ for DIAL-3. It also is available as a blackline master when hand-scoring.

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