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Main Category : K / (KSPT) Kaufman Speech Praxis Test for Children
(KSPT-1) Kaufman Speech Praxis Test for Children

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Easy to administer and score, the KSPT aids in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). The KSPT-1 is ideal for children who can produce vowels and consonants in isolation but cannot combine these sounds into specific syllable shapes. The KSPT-1:
• Measures a child’s imitative responses to the clinician
• Identifies where the child’s speech system is breaking down
• Points to a systematic course of treatment
• Can be used to quantify gains in motor-speech proficiency
• Includes 25 score sheets

Results of the KSPT -1 are useful beyond establishing an initial diagnosis. Individual sections of the test can be used to establish treatment goals and measure progress. KSPT-1 results can also help generate individual education plans. This assessment tool is essential for speech-language pathologists who work with children ages 2-6 in public schools, hospitals, universities, clinics, and private practice.
The KSPT -1 Order Contains:
•25 Score Sheets—which can be used twice (once for the original assessment and once for a follow-up test)
•Scoring Instructions
•Norm Tables
•Validity & Reliability Information
•Background About The Test Development
•Additional Score Sheets available for purchase.

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