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Slosson educational tests and assessments for teachers, educators and other professionals, in schools, hospitals, and corrections.  Used to test students in regular and special education, remedial reading and math, intelligence, visual motor, speech language for school screening and forms for teachers to evaluation students' mental abilities.

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Main Category : S / (S-VMPT) Slosson Visual Motor Performance Test, for Children and Adults. Excellent Design as a Screening Test to Identify Individuals with Serious Perceptual Organizational Problems involving eye-hand coordination
(S-VMPT-1) Slosson Visual Motor Performance Test Complete

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Slosson Visual-Motor Performance Test (SVMPT)
For Children and Adults
Richard L. Slosson / Revised by: Charles L. Nicholson

▶ Ages: 4 years through Adult
▶ Individual or Group Administration: 10-15 min
▶ Tests Visual Motor Abilities

The Slosson Visual-Motor Performance Test (S-VMPT) measures the ability to interpret and translate visually perceived geometric patterns using hand-motor responses. Individuals are asked to copy geometric figures 3 times, increasing in complexity, without the use of a ruler, compass, or other aids. The S-VMPT is one of the only measures of visual-motor integration, yielding standard scores and developmental age scores. The S-VMPT is designed as a screening test to identify individuals with serious perceptual organizational problems involving eye-hand coordination.

Key Features of the Slosson Visual-Motor Performance Test:
• Individual Drawing Record and Score Forms
• Only Two Items Per Page, 14 Geometric Patterns Total
• Highly Reliable for All Ages
• Numerous Examples and Case Studies for Examiner Scoring
• Standard Score and Developmental Age Scores

New Standard Scores:
Standardization on over 1,000 subjects including diverse ethnic groups and exceptional children, was representative of the U.S. population. Internal reliability is .90 and above and interscore reliability is .86. Validity with the Bender-Gestalt, using the Koppitz method of scoring, indicates the S-VMPT to be useful as a brief differential screening instrument for “at-risk” eye-hand/visual-perceptual performance identification.

Expanded Upper End Items:
For over 30 years the original Slosson Drawing Coordination Test (SDCT) has been used successfully to help identify visual-motor problems before they develop into more serious difficulties. Now revised, with new upper end geometric items, the ceiling level has been raised for the adult population. In addition, the name was changed to reflect the new test developments/normative data yielding developmental visual-motor integration. The S-VMPT is not a drawing test, but is nearly a culture free, visual-motor performance screener.

New Record and Score Form:
The record and score forms are designed to facilitate reliability by reducing the number of test stimuli, allowing only two per page.

Detailed Scoring Guidelines For Each Figure:
Guidelines and examples are included in a comprehensive manual for examiner scoring of test items. Thus, the examiner can practice on examples given in the manual before scoring actual examinees. The examiner simply starts by reading the Introductory Remarks on the front cover of the record form to the examinee. The individual is asked to copy as many figures as he/she can. Each geometric pattern is scored either “one (1)” or “zero (0)” by comparing it with the original figure using the guidelines outlined in the manual.

Interpretation of Results:
The S-VMPT is a screening instrument with a standard score mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 16.

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