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Main Category : C / (COLD) Curriculum for Oral Language Development. Complete Kit.
(COLD-1) Curriculum for Oral Language Development

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Price: $45.00
(COLD-1) Ages 5 through 11. This kit includes criterion-referenced assessment measures and instructional activities for teaching listening skills, thinking strategies, vocabulary, grammar, and basic pragmatic communication skills. Skills emphasized include answering questions, associating nouns with their functions, classifying nouns, expressing needs and feelings, using vocabulary effectively, describing actions, describing characteristics of objects, describing experiences, solving problems, describing a process, expressing viewpoints, sequencing stories, predicting conclusions, and other skills.

Part 1 includes informal measures for assessing children's performance in a variety of listening, speaking, and verbal reasoning skills. Part 2 includes activities that can be used to teach the skills assessed in Part 1.

The criterion-referenced measures and the instructional activities are organized into the following sections:
•Vocabulary and Word Relationships
•Sentence Structure
•Functional Language Use

This kit builds language skills that are relevant to academic curriculum standards. Help students build listening, speaking, and thinking skills that are relevant to school success with this easy-to-use resource.

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