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Slosson educational tests and assessments for teachers, educators and other professionals, in schools, hospitals, and corrections.  Used to test students in regular and special education, remedial reading and math, intelligence, visual motor, speech language for school screening and forms for teachers to evaluation students' mental abilities.

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Main Category : T / (TOGRA) Test of General Reasoning Ability
(TOGRA-1) Test of General Reasoning Ability Kit

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(TOGRA-1) Test of General Reasoning Ability Kit

The TOGRA is a speeded measure of reasoning ability and problem-solving skills that is designed for individual or group administration.
Features and benefits:
Offers a wider variety of item content and greater test score stability than competing measures.
Yields a General Reasoning Index (GRI), a highly reliable score that reflects overall measurement of the general factor of reasoning and problem-solving skill.
Consists of items that assess verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills through tasks that are inductive as well as deductive in nature.
Requires only 16 minutes for administration and 2-3 minutes for scoring.
Administration and scoring will be available through PARiConnect.
Appropriate in many settings whenever a speeded measure of reasoning ability and problem solving under pressure is considered useful, including in the evaluation of students for giftedness or reasoning skills, athletes, managerial and executive-level staff, or public safety officer candidates.

Test structure:
Two equivalent alternate forms (Blue and Green) enable you to retest and monitor progress without worrying about practice effects
Can be administered to groups or individuals and using a computer or traditional paper and pencil. This flexibility makes the TOGRA a viable option for use in human resource and related industrial settings, schools, juvenile and adult justice systems, and clinical settings.

Technical information:
As a result of extensive expert review and statistical analysis, the TOGRA’s racial, gender, and religious bias is minimal–ideal for any measure used for selection purposes.
Standardized on a 2010-Census-matched sample of 3,013 individuals. All formats (i.e., group and individual, booklet and computer) were found to provide common score distributions within the constraints of sampling error.
The GRI is scaled to a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. Other forms of derived scores, including z scores, normal curve equivalents, stanines, percentiles, and, for the younger ages, age equivalents, are provided.
An investigation of TOGRA scores’ relationship to examinees' occupational data revealed expected patterns, with median GRI scores increasing as examinees’ industries moved from physically-oriented occupations to business- and science-oriented occupations. Occupational data were derived using Occupational Information Network (O*NET) information.

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