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Slosson educational tests and assessments for teachers, educators and other professionals, in schools, hospitals, and corrections.  Used to test students in regular and special education, remedial reading and math, intelligence, visual motor, speech language for school screening and forms for teachers to evaluation students' mental abilities.

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Main Category : S / (SO) Sound Out. A New approach designed for very low-performing students. Reading scale are 100% decodable The Five levels of A,B,C,D,E Focus on :l A): Sshort Vowels and Long Vowels, Level B ): on Consonants, Digraphs, Dipthongs, Vowels, and Silent le
(SO-1) Sound Out Level A (5 sets of 6) inc. Teacher's Reproducible Workbook

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Price: $127.00
Each book in the Sound Out series is written in chapter format with stories that have the charm and wit to keep kids coming back for more. Sound Out Chapter Books give students numerous opportunities to practice decoding one-syllable and simple two-syllable words.

Set A includes six books, three of which focus on short vowels and three that focus on long vowels. Students with minimal reading skills can read these books from cover-to-cover. They'll have a successful and enjoyable reading experience with lots of decoding practice.

Titles include: The Red Cap, The Tug, Up the Hill, Bass Lake, The Red Gem Mine, The Deep Sea

Each book is 5 x 7, 32 pp., with 22 pt. type.

Sound Out Set A-1 Workbook
Workbook contains story synopses and pre- and post-reading activities. Helps students build vocabularies, practice comprehension, recall and other basic reading competencies. Includes answer key. Reproducible. 8 1/2x11 softcover, 56 pp.

Additional Sound Out Chapter Books:
Sound Out A-2: offers more practice with the same skills taught in A-1
Sound Out B-1 and Sound Out B-2: Same skills taught in A-1 and A-2 with the addition of practice with consonant blends and digraphs, diphthongs, controlled vowels, and silent letters.
Sound Out C-1 and Sound Out C-2: includes skills taught in Levels A and B, and adds inflectional endings, compound words, prefixes and suffixes, and regularly spelled two-syllable words.

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