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Slosson educational tests and assessments for teachers, educators and other professionals, in schools, hospitals, and corrections.  Used to test students in regular and special education, remedial reading and math, intelligence, visual motor, speech language for school screening and forms for teachers to evaluation students' mental abilities.

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(JW-16) Handbook of Autism & Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Volume 1
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Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders Third Edition
Fred Volkmar, Rhea Paul, Ami Klim, Donald Cohen

The first major handbook of its kind, The Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders, has, since the 1st edition, become the most influential reference work in the field of autism and related conditions. Now expanded to two volumes, this invaluable reference work provides a comprehensive review of all information presently available about these disorders, drawing on findings and clinical experience from a number of related disciplines.

Now in a fully updated third edition, coverage of all of the current models for the treatment of autism are discussed. Every chapter has been updated, and two-thirds of the chapters are new Updated to include new methods for screening and assessment New material on the genetic components of autism School-based interventions included. Volume One includes diagnosis, development, neurobiology, and behavior. Volume Two includes the newest, most authoritative information available on assessment, interventions, and policy ramifications surrounding pervasive developmental disorders.

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