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Slosson educational tests and assessments for teachers, educators and other professionals, in schools, hospitals, and corrections.  Used to test students in regular and special education, remedial reading and math, intelligence, visual motor, speech language for school screening and forms for teachers to evaluation students' mental abilities.

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Main Category : E / (EASY-OT) Educational Assessment of School Youth for Occupational Therapists. Appropriate tool for pre-K through high school students as well as low functioning, autistic, physically disabled students
(EASYOT-1) Complete Kit includes: Manual, Test Templates set of 18, Single copy of each form from 4-11, and CD Rom Software

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Educational Assessment of School Youth for Occupational Therapists
Sharon Kenmotsu, OT / Katy Tressler, OT
Developed by occupational therapists, the EASY-OT is an assessment tool that lives up to its name. With four different developmental assessment forms made for students from preschool through high school, as well as those who are severe and profound, autistic, physically disabled and low-functioning, each version looks at the areas of fine-motor, gross-motor, visual perceptual, visual-motor and self-help skills. All the Assessment Forms (except Low-Functioning) contain a chart for recording observations about the students being tested.
The Four Developmental Assessment Forms Include:
1. Pre-Kindergarten through Second Grade includes items relating to cutting skills (from snipping to cutting complex shapes), pre-printing skills (from connecting dots to copying shapes) and printing skills.
2. Third Grade through Eighth Grade includes fewer cutting items, but has additional items related to cursive writing.
3. Ninth Grade through Twelfth Grade includes items related to writing accommodations, but does not include items related to the mechanics of writing (letter formation, spacing, etc).
4. Low-Functioning (for students with developmental or physical disabilities) items relate to head and trunk control, range of motion and computer skills.
The EASY-OT Forms include tables to record results from the most commonly-used standardized tests. Each form covers school-related skills in five areas: Fine-Motor, Gross-Motor, Visual-Perceptual, Visual-Motor, and Self-Help. Tables are included for fourteen standardized tests, plus one blank table that can be customized for any other test used. Along with the Assessment Forms, 18 templates are provided to assist you in evaluating the student’s pre-printing, writing, coloring, cutting and visual-perceptual skills.
Additional Assessment Aids and Options:
• Screening Form: a timesaving checklist that helps you determine the need for a complete EASY-OT assessment.
• Annual Report Form: a systematic way to document student progress, track continued eligibility for services, and organize considerations for the next IEP.
• Sensory Processing Skills Addendum: a checklist completed by a parent or therapist evaluating the impact of sensory processing skills on school performance.
• Life Skills Addendum: a vocational observation form and life skills checklist that offers a more complete picture of student functioning.
Pre-K through Grade 8 Versions Observe:
• Workspace: Desk Height, Work Materials.
• Environment: Traffic patterns, Lighting, Noise Levels
• Performance of Activity: Attention, Participation, Following Directions, Interacting with Peers.
• Modifications: Verbal Cues, Physical Assistance, and Other Modifications.
The EASY-OT can be completed manually in the traditional pencil-and-paper method, or it can be conveniently administered on a PC by using the CD-ROM software. Which ever method you prefer, computer or pencil-and-paper, the EASY-OT lasts a lifetime! Quickly evaluate students, write in-depth reports, and take charge of your occupational therapy caseload.
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