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Slosson educational tests and assessments for teachers, educators and other professionals, in schools, hospitals, and corrections.  Used to test students in regular and special education, remedial reading and math, intelligence, visual motor, speech language for school screening and forms for teachers to evaluation students' mental abilities.

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Main Category : M / (PE-131) Solving Math Word Problems. Grades 1-8
(PE-131) Solving Math Word Problems
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Solving Math Word Problems: New
Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities Using
Schema-Based Instruction

Asha K. Jitendra
Grades: 1-8
This is a detailed-scripted program using Schema-Based Instruction (SBI), designed as a framework for instructional implementation. It is primarily for school practitioners (e.g., special and general education teachers, school psychologists, etc.) teaching critical word problem SOLVing skills to students with disabilities, grades 1-8.

Solving MATH Word PROBLEMS is organized into two categories:
Solving addition and subtraction PROBLEMS
SolVing multiplication and division PROBLEMS. Each category is then divided into units and lessons. Each unit introduces one of four problem types (i.e., Change, Group, Compare or Multiplicative Compare, and Vary) and subsequent lessons within each unit focus on solutions for that particular problem type. Lessons are 30 to 60 minutes in length, and can be administered to individuals, small groups, or large groups, in various settings (e.g., Title I programs, special education programs, general education, etc.).

Students are taught to problem Solve in a four-step strategy, “FOPS” (Find the problem type; Organize the information in the problem using the diagram; Plan to Solve the problem; Program effectiveness is judged on teacher’s instruction skills, teacher involvement, teacher facilitation, student participation, and frequent progress evaluations.

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