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Main Category : R / (RCDS) Reynolds Child Depression Scale. Provides easily administered measure for the evaluation of the severity of children depressive symptoms.

(RCDS-2-1 ) Reynolds Child Depression Scale Complete
Price: $154.00
The RCDS was developed to screen for depression in children and can be used in schools or in clinical settings. It provides a straightforward, easily administered measure for the evaluation of the severity of children’s depressive symptoms. It includes 30 items that are rated on a 4-point scale and is written at a 2nd grade level. The RCDS can be hand-scored for individual or group administration in about 10 minutes.

The Professional Manual provides basic information on the diagnosis and measurement of depression, a description of the RCDS and its development, normative information, and guidelines for interpretation. Reliability coefficients range from .87—.91, with total sample alpha reliability of .90 and split-half reliability of .89, demonstrating validity consistently through field testing since 1981. The RCDS screens for depressive symptoms in children and can also be used in research on depression and related constructs.

(RCDS-2-2) Professional Manual
Price: $64.00
Professional Manual

(RCDS-2-3) Test Booklets (25)
Price: $62.00
Test Booklets (25)

(RCDS-2-4) Spanish Test Forms
Price: $44.00
Spanish Test Forms

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