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Main Category : S / (SEARS) Social Emotional Assets and Resilience Scales 5-18 years. (ENGLISH / SPANISH)

(SEARS-1) Social Emotional Assets and Resilience Scales Kit.
Price: $310.00

(SEARS-1L) Sears Long For Intro Kit
Price: $240.00

(SEARS-1S) Sears Short Form Intro Kit
Price: $120.00
(includes SEARS Professional Manual, 25 SEARS-C Short Forms, 25 SEARS-A Short Forms, 25 SEARS-P Short Forms, and 25 SEARS-T Short Forms)

(SEARS-2) Sears Manual
Price: $58.00

(SEARS-3A) Sears A Rating Booklets (25)
Price: $40.00

(SEARS-3C) Sears C Rating Booklets (25)
Price: $40.00

(SEARS-3P) Sears P Rating Booklets (25)
Price: $40.00

(SEARS-3T) Sears T Rating Booklets (25)
Price: $40.00

(SEARS-4A) Sears A Summary/Profile Forms (25)
Price: $16.00

(SEARS-4C) Sears C Summary Profile Forms (25)
Price: $16.00

(SEARS-4P) Summary/Profile Forms (25)
Price: $16.00

(SEARS-4T) Sears Summary / Profile Forms (25)
Price: $16.00

(SEARS-5A) Sears A Rating Forms
Price: $22.00

(SEARS-5C) Sears C Rating Forms (25)
Price: $22.00

(SEARS-5P) Sears P Rating Forms (25)
Price: $22.00

(SEARS-5T) Sears T Rating Forms (25)
Price: $22.00

(SEARS-S1) Sears P Spanish Booklets (25)
Price: $40.00

(SEARS-S2) Sears Spanish Rating Forms
Price: $40.00

(SEARS-SPCD) Sears Spanish-CD ROM
Price: $130.00

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